TV program THE VOICE might seem an odd introduction to our blog (my first) however…after watching the lovely Viva Lale perform on Sunday night’s show as a tribute and to honor her 6 family members lost in Queensland’s worst ever house fire – reminds us of the hazards that can be associated with using gas.  11 lives were lost, 4 gas bottles believed to have caused the fire. Also in the paper this past week Matt Golinski, back on the cooking circuit, after recovering from burn injuries sustained in his own house fire (gas related), sadly where the lives of his wife and daughters were lost.  Now might be a timely reminder to inspect your gas bottles for any deterioration/leakage.  In the event of a gas leak inside a confined space, it is imperative to remove all people from house/complex and ventilate the area.  Under no circumstances do anything that may ignite fumes, remove yourself from the room and contact fire authority if necessary.  A gas detector unit is to gas as a fire alarm is to fire.  $150 outlay for a gas detector is little cost for peace of mind.

ps.  On a personal note: I think the judges made an error not to chose Viva – she has a wonderful voice and I believe with coaching, she could have stepped up and won the competition.  Wishing there was a wild card and she might get a second chance?  Good luck to her for the future.

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