Air Conditioning Refrigerant Gases

With the dramatic price increase in the tradition “CFC” type refrigerant gases, many from within the refrigeration industry , whether it be cars /trucks , earthmoving equipment etc or commercial & household applications are now using “hydrocarbon” based refrigerant. It is being claimed to be colder and above all else more cost effective. The down side is that because its Hydrocarbon based it is extremely flammable.

With safety in mind a reliable Gas Safety detectors are a must .None of us want any staff members to be in any danger. Work Place Health and Safety officers can also issue on the spots fines if adequate equipment is not available.

What can happen?

  • Personal or property injury (or death) due to an undetected leak.
  • Fine and Jail term.
  • Solution to the problem?
  • A simple to use Gas detector with the ability to be positioned in various locations.

Have a Gas Detector already?

  • Does it cover Hydrocarbon based gases and does it react to the require LOL standard?
  •  What are the ongoing calibration costs and can the sensitivity be easily adjusted?

Alternate Solutions Group supplies Quality Australian made Peel Safety Gas detectors. Our Portable detector range comes in a variety of formats and can be easily used with minimal training . The units have already been in continuous use for over 30 years proving to be both reliable and robust.

Should any issues arrive, service and parts are available locally, providing fast and efficient after sales support.

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