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 Australian LPG Warehouse - About

The Australian LPG warehouse was founded in November 2006 with the aim to provide reliable products that are professionally developed for the Australian market.

ALPGW have a strong team of technically skilled personal. Providing leading after sales support .

ALPGW are the Australian Distributors of the EMER sequential vapour Injection and the ICOM JTG Liquid injection systems. They have developed systems to suit a large range of makes and models.

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Australian LPG Warehouse - EMER


Emer Sequential Vapour Injection offers a wide range of LPG solutions to most makes of vehicles.

EMER boasts the fastest reacting LPG injector on the Australian market. ( 4 cyl, 6 cyl and all higher revving applications ) . This is very important for Ford falcons where stalling is an issue with many systems.

With accurate control of LPG delivery via an advanced ECU , user friendly software and the ability to take on group injection type vehicles ( i.e. Subaru, VN-VR Commodore , EA - ED , EF - EL Falcon ) An Emer system will give you immediate savings in your pocket.


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