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Gas Safety at Home


Golinski Family Tragedy : 3 Fatalities
Kingston QLD house fire: 11 Fatalities
Shepparton VIC, Carbon Monoxide Poisoning : 2 Fatalities

All of these events happened in the night time while the occupants of the house were sleeping. Most people do not have the slightest idea of how dangerous Combustible Gas and Carbon Monoxide can be if it is not handled with care.

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PEEL General Gas Detector
PEEL General Gas Detector
incorporates an Internal Sensor

Perfectly suited for use in: Households, Offices, Caravans, Motor Homes, Buildings, Marine Applications, Trucks, Boiler Rooms, Dyno Pits etc

Refrigerant Air-conditioning Gases

With the dramatic price increase in the tradition “CFC” type refrigerant gases, many from within the refrigeration industry , whether it be cars /trucks , earthmoving equipment etc or commercial & household applications are now using “hydrocarbon” based refrigerant. It is being claimed to be colder and above all else more cost effective. The down side is that because its Hydrocarbon based it is extremely flammable.

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PEEL Portable General Gas Detector
PEEL Portable General Gas DetectorPerfect for Refrigeration Industry & Workshops


Telecommunication Gas Detectors

With the new partnership between Telstra and ISGM, Telstra has changed their criteria with regards to the gas detectors.They have put a new Standard into place requesting that all Telstra Sub-Contractors      » More Information

Telecommunication Gas Detectors
LPG System

FORD BA-BF-FG Stalling

During idle conditions, Ford use an unusual strategy to prevent stalling and improve idle quality called “extra injection”. This strategy opens the petrol injector for a very short period of time between normal injection pulses.

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International Sourcing

The Alternate Solutions Group is ideally situated to work in partnership with you to maximise the advantages of importing from China.

  • We source product covering a number of industry sectors.
  • We have an exclusive agreement with a major Chinese Manufacturing Company that have dedicated resources for our sole use in the production of fabricated steel, aluminium and stainless steel products

are Stockists of

Old Guys Rule Australia

Old Guys Rule Australia - Alternate Solutions Group


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