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The aim of Alternate Solutions Group is to provide quality product and customer service.

The key personnel of Alternate Solutions Group are senior business executives with extensive practical experience who have combined their talents to develop and achieve the aims of the group.

Prior to setting up Alternate Solutions Group, they have had extensive experience in working with companies in Asia, USA, Europe and the Pacific Islands.

In Australia, they have an extensive network throughout the manufacturing, transport and distribution industries particularly the Automotive LPG Industry and Mobility Equipment.


Alternate Mobility Equipment

Alternate Solutions Group have a subsiduary business called Alternate Mobility Equipment. A few years ago we were fortunate to become a service agent for Automobility. Automobility are market leaders in the field, modifying vehicles for the disabled individual/community .

In addition to this we are also a registered Queensland Government service provider through our parent company Alternate Solutions Group.

We have installed many useful accessories, all with the same outcome, making life a little bit easier for both the person with the disability and their carer`s.

Over time we have built successful relationships with industry manufacturers, suppliers & developers in this field of expertise and we now offer a diverse range of vehicle service and modification options.

As a business, providing a service that simplifies day to day personal transport and ease of mobility needs, vehicle and car access aids, has also given us great personal satisfaction.





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