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The aim of Alternate Solutions Group is to facilitate profitable local & international trade through an open book philosophy that ensures the interests of all partners in our supply chains are fully identified and achieved. Quality, customer service, and recognition of cultural and domestic issues are all important factors in ensuring products we market are competitive and provide an equitable return to all stakeholders.

Locally Alternate Solutions Group has chosen to source and distribute the Australian made and designed range of Peel Safety Gas Detection units. With the Alternative Fuel industry, products are sourced from both local and international manufacturers.

For the importation of many products into Australia we take advantage of offshore labour and manufacturing economies and incorporate them with local expertise and components to provide a quality competitive advantage for our local partners.

The key personnel of Alternate Solutions Group are senior business executives with extensive practical experience who have combined their talents to develop and achieve the aims of the group.

Prior to setting up Alternate Solutions Group, they have had extensive experience in working with companies in Asia, USA, Europe and the Pacific Islands.

In Australia, they have an extensive network throughout the manufacturing, transport and distribution industries.

Through a number of subsidiary or associated companies they have been sourcing or manufacturing products in China for over 25 years. Alternate Solutions Group work closely with a number of manufacturing facilities in China to facilitate the manufacture of products specific to their client’s needs.

The strength of the Alternate Solutions Group relationship results in their clients being able to source quality products at cost effective prices to ensure their competitiveness in the markets in which they operate.

Many of Alternate Solutions Group clients have found that in the current difficult economic climate, the Alternate Solutions Group advantage has allowed them to maintain their margins, increase market share and improve profitability. The Alternate Solutions Group advantage has also allowed their clients to take market share from their competitors without being noticed. This one step will ensure that as the economic climate improves, Alternate Solutions Group’s clients will be starting from a stronger base level and reap better rewards.

The Alternate Solutions Group advantage.

The Alternate Solutions Group is ideally situated to work in partnership with you to maximise the advantages of importing from China.

  • We source product covering a number of industry sectors.

  • We have an exclusive agreement with a major Chinese Manufacturing Company that have dedicated resources for our sole use in the production of fabricated steel, aluminium and stainless steel products.

  • Our customers have found that incorporating components manufactured in China with local expertise and components has provided them a real strategic advantage.

  • Our company employs Chinese purchasing staff and we have established excellent relationships with reputable, quality assured Companies throughout China.

  • Our Chinese based Associates provide additional support, local business and economic advice and employ quality control engineers to inspect all products prior to shipment.

  • We can also manage all of the shipping and customs clearance so as to provide a complete and comprehensive supply chain solution.

When taking advantage of China’s low labour costs and economies of scale it is most important to ensure that the benefits of a “cheap” price are not more than offset by poor quality, shoddy workmanship and unreliable shipping.

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