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LPG Fuel Systems


Lpg converters come in many various brands . We stock a large range to suit various applications and vehicle models. Often another brand can be used as replacement should the original unit not be available.


Converters - Aussie made B2

• To suit Various applications and models





Converters - MGA—Zavoli

• To suit Venturi Mixer systems
• Various applications and models


  Converters - MGA—Zavoli


Converters - Airod

• To suit Venturi Mixer systems
• Various applications and models




  Converters - Airod

LPG Converters

Full range available to suit most brands

• Impco
• Vialle



LPG Converters LPG Converters
LPG Converters


To order call (07) 3474 6575 or Email:

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